Life just gets better and better, with Cindy Gallop

Life just gets better and better, with Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop is the older childfree role model we all need! She calls herself the “Michael Bay of business” because she likes to blow shit up - most famously as the founder of the revolutionary social sex platform MakeLoveNotPorn.

Cindy never wanted children, adores being single, dates younger men casually and recreationally for sex, and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks! She’s become an icon for Gen Z on TikTok, who can now say “I have seen my future and it is bright.” Join us for a pep talk about being unapologetically yourself and designing your own life, a life that gets better and better!

Find Cindy at and MakeLoveNotPorn, and check out her revealing episode of What’s Underneath on StyleLikeU.

Cindy and I both recommend the incredible book “Why Have Kids?: A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness” by Jessica Valenti.

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